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newbie in wisc

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Hello from northern wisc. Been reading the newsletter and browsing the forum since dec. What a great site! First time posting. New to the smoking craze since last fall. I have a char-griller pro that am just now starting to modify thanks to all the good ideas found here. Today i am doing a 9lb pork loin for easter and was wondering what ya'll thought of wine injection. Is it worth it or will it take away from the final taste? Thanks again for all the wonderful info this is an amazing site. Mike
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welcome, never tried the wine injection but I am sure someone will come along that has.
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Welcome to SMF, glad to have you here. Never done a wine injection, but I'm sure that if you like wine it will be ok.
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Thank you..I have done this a fair amount just grilling venison but not in a smoke so i guess what the heck..will let ya'll know how it works
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Welcome to the site. Wine injection today, something else next's all good. Smoke away, ask questions, post your pics...we love to see what you are doing.
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Welcome. Never injected wine. But it sounds good, (assuming you like wine)
Let us know how it comes out.

Hmmmmmmmmmm A picnic roast injected with Bud doesn't sound half bad..........
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Hello Mike, and welcome to the family. You'll like it here, lots of good people with friendly advice. Never tried wine in a smoke, but many smokes with beer or bourbon. It sounds like it would be good, let us know how it goes. Good luck and happy smokin'.
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Welcome to the forum Mike! Glad to have you aboard. :)
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Welcome to the SMF... Wow, I like the idea of a wine injection! Your first POINTS!


Let us know how it turned out.
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Welcome to the SMF, we have some friends that live over in Phillips, we went and saw them in January and ate at the BBQ place in Hawkins, you ever eat there, it's pretty good.
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welcome to SMF... glad you are here

my FIL lives about an hour from you in Chippewa Falls
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Welcome Mike.
Glad you came aboard.
Not sure how the wine will work in your loin, hopefully good. Make sure to post the results after you decide, and happy smoking.
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thanks all...yes teacup chippewa is not far..i also have family there...

kurtsara i have not tried that one,don't get that direction much but will have to try it
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Welcome, From a guy just up the road in Kroenwetter, Wausau area.
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Welcome aboard Mike
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Welcome Mike! I used a relatively cheap white wine with poultry and never had any complaints. My only suggestion is to not use cooking wine.

Post some pics and let us know how it goes in pork.
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Welcome to SMF, Mike. Glad you decided to join us. biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the SMF.
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