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Two Firsts in One

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The first time for two things at once. biggrin.gif This is the first smoke in my new Brinkmann Gourmet Charcoal Smoker and the first time I've ever done a whole chicken in a smoker. I started by washing the new smoker inside and out yesterday, then got the chicken ready.

I decided to use Shooter Rick's Copperhead Snake Bitten Chicken recipe. After making the rub and applying it to the 8 lb chicken, in the fridge it went for the night.

After spraying the inside of the smoker with Pam and then firing it up, I made the injecting fluid for the chicken.

The seasoning in progress

After the seasoning was complete, in went the rubbed, injected chicken, beer can style but using lemon/lime soda instead.

Two hours in to the smoke it's looking great. I decided to use hickory today.

The best chicken I've ever done. Period.

I'm liking smoking with charcoal. biggrin.gif There is definitely a learning curve with charcoal. icon_lol.gif I found that it took more charcoal than I expected to get the temp up to 300 and keep it there. Next time I do the whole chicken again I will plan on keeping it about 325 to get a crispier skin.

I highly recommend giving Shooter Rick's Copperhead Snake Bitten Chicken a try. It got rave reviews from everyone and that is rare in this house. The only thing I did different was cut the heat in half for my wimpy family.
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Congratulations on your new smoker, and the highly motivated washout!

You did real good on your chicken, too. Nice. Glad to hear of another convert to ShooterRick's Rub~ darn good isn't it? PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

I've made it with and without heat and it's great everytime. Did you cut out the wasabi or just reduce the red pepper flakes? Just curious 'cause I didn't notice any increase in heat when I started adding the wasabi powder. Seems like it's the flakes that add the heat. Even reducing the flakes a bit makes this a great rub.

All in all, good for you and many more happy TBS smokes, bud!
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Great looking chicken, Dawn. I could never get my ECB up to an acceptable temp so I gave it away. I'll have to stick with the gasser.
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Dawn, real nice looking yard bird. I do them at about 275 and use mayo which realy helps crisp up the skin. I sell about 10 to 15 every weekend. Oh, I use hickory.
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This is the third time in the past months that I've used this recipe. I find that if I cut both the red pepper flake and wasabi amounts in half it is a level that my wimpy hubby and kids like. Personally, I like more heat.

I think the problem I had with the charcoal was the fact that I was afraid to use too much and have the smoker get too hot. I know now to use more than I did for a higher heat. The lower temps were easier for me to maintain.
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Dawn, I've gotta give you POINTS!!!! That chicken looks picture perfect! I'm glad to hear that using charcoal is growing on you. There's nothing better (in my opinion) than using charcoal and/or wood for smoking. Once you get the hang of it, knowing how much charcoal to use and how long it'll last becomes second nature.

As for your 'wimpy' family, don't be so hard on them. But do try and change their bad habbit of not liking hot stuff..... biggrin.gif

Thanks for sharing the fine QVIEW,

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Great looking bird and congrats on the new smoker!!
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What ^^^^he said.

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Great Pics

Now that's a nice lookin' chicken! points.gif
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Awesome bird Dawn!
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Beautiful bird.Funny,when i joined site i thought electric and gas smokers were odd.I myself prefer natural charcoal with my wood flavor from chunks.Seeing the other types of smokers has made me think of adding a dial job.Thanks for Q-view.
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