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Quick question about water pan sand replacement

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Hey everyone.
Firing up the smoker in a few minutes and I finally replaced the water in my pan with sand. My question is should I add an additional small metal bowl with water for moisture or no?
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What are you planning on smoking? When I use my Bradley I don't always use water. It depends on how much moisture the food already has in it and how humid the air is and why you are using the sand to begin with.
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I'm using the sand because I have trouble getting the temp above 220 and other members suggested replacing with sand.
Today I am doing poultry, chicken leg quarters and turkey legs. The legs were brined so they do have a lot of moisture.
I wasn't sure because I had read so many conflicting views on whether the water mattered or not.
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The water won't be necessary. The sand will help keep the temp up, just make sure to cover the pan with foil to help keep it clean if it will be under the meat.
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On my WSM i use sand in water bowl and foil over this to catch drippings for gravy.I do this with poultry for higher heat cooks -on poultry only.I dont believe poultry benefits from moisture in air as much or in my smoker water just drops temp alot etc for lower smokes.Not sure this helps but i use the sand for higher heat cooks all the time.
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Thanks everyone. She is heating now. Had to put up a piece of fencing and move my car next to it to block the wind. Temp is getting there though, 208 now and rising.
Thanks again.
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I think they call it a water pan for a reason, ironically mine has been renamed a Rock pan, i just put rocks in it, and use a aluminum pan under the meat, works fine when i need the higher temps, otherwise i use water. Also, don't be confused about water/moisture in the smoker, it WONT make meat more juicy, tender or any other magical presence ,you cant replace natural fat/juices with water. How do people with out the added moisture end up with tender juicy meat?
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