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Pork Shoulder: Bone in or Boneless?

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I've been getting my shoulders from BJ's (bone in) but have really taken a liking to the BBacks from Costco (swift). I was going to pick up some shoulders from Costco and noticed they only carry boneless.

Should I expect much of a difference between a bone in and a boneless pork shoulder?

Thanks for any help!

- Peter
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no. not a big diff. treat them the same and they'll taste the same.
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I think there is a little better flavor, and even cook with the bone in, all i will cook. Are these butts "enhanced"?
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They are not enhanced...I buy them there all the time and they are great quality. I find that Costco has one of the best meat counters around, and you won't be disappointed. I have even bought a case at a time to get the "bulk case price" when doing large events and have always loved the outcome.

Here is a very good discussion from the virtual weber bullet website at this address

I removed the pasted verbiage in case I was creating any copyright issues, but check out the Boneless versus Bone in section at the above link.
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Ohwell, i will continue to do bone in butts, awell as many other folks out there. I suppose "boneless" ribs will soon be better than bone in ribs, again ohwell. AND we have a Swift plant down the road, called a guy that works there, he said all their butts are enhanced, and about half their ribs are enhanced. I get most of my meat from Sams, they seem to change suppliers often, and luckly I have never seen any enhanced meat there,yet.
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I can't swear to it

Due to my camping experiences and "cooking in the coals" I always felt a bone in worked better. I read somewhere, sometime that the bone heats up and helps cook from the inside. I am not sure that is true but I have subscribed to it for many years and had great luck with bone in.
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Both are good to smoke, as long as they aren't enhanced. OH WELL!
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A matter o' choice

It's all a matter of choice, but I will always pick a bone-in over a boneless. Not because of the cooking time, but because of the flavor the bone / meat contact-cooking gives to the final meat. Plus-side is that you always have good bones and trims to give the dog.
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I prefer bone on my meat. But I am willing to use whatever I can find locally. It varies from bone in butt, boneless butt, cushion meat, or bone in or boneless country ribs.
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I've always thought food tasted better with the bone in, whether it be chicken or beef. I think it's something in the bone marrow that gives it an extra flavor.

I'm about 8 hours into it and I will let you know how it turns out. One thing I have noticed initially is that I have extra slices in the meat to rub into - though I did have to tie it up to keep it together.

Thanks for all the great input!
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... the enhanced thing has me a bit concerned, is that labeled somewhere?
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Should be something on the label like "injected with a soln. of......." or something similar.
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Man.... when I'm pullin a butt I can't help but snatch up that sweet meat around the bone. It's perfect for taste testin. Maybe it's in my mind but that shweeeeet bone meat can't be beat.

I will buy a boneless butt if it's priced right and I'm making buckboard with it. Otherwise I'll just cut the bone out when I'm makin bacon.
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Always go Bone-In!!! I find the meat to have a little sweeterr taste
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