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Pulled pork again with qview

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Pork is on the left just going in the smoker

This time it took almost 14 hours to reack 195° and it stalled big time at 170°.

Just prior to pulling

And pulled

thanks for lookin again
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Wow, that looks great...real nice bark!!
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That is a great looking butt!! Good job.
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Yumm That is one good looking butt!!icon_exclaim.gif
Good Job
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I agree...fantastic looking butt PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif

What was the pre-cook weight of that hunk-o-meat? Did you calculate the yield?
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Fine Looking Grub ya got there
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YUM! I need to try one of these sometime...
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Looks real good. Great job
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Great looking bark. But as people in the beef room are asking...what's that dryer vent pipe for?

good job outta you!
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