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my first brisket

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so i am gonna pop my brisket cherry today.. any tips?

i planned on using oak and my great grand fathers rub recipe but what about a mop anyone got a good one out there? not to sweet not to spicy? what are mops for?
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Oak is a great choice for brisket..
As for a mop, if you use one, it should be something that goes well with the rub. I don't mop my briskets, but I always do packers with a nice fat layer.....and I like a crusty crust.
Best advice I can give for your first brisket is have patience.
Don't rush it...keep your smoker temp steady and wait for the meat to come up to the proper temp.
Brisket is a tough piece of meat and if you rush it or take it out too soon, you'll have a tasty piece of rubber.
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Best Advice is to have fun!

I just did my 1st one this past weekend and I started at 8 AM and had dinner on the table by 4.

I didn't mop it, I smoked it fat cap up... I think it turned out very very well... Next time i'm going to throw a mop together and mop it and see how it turns out.

(pic below)
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Welcome to SMF zeller

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im gonna go get some beer turn up the radio and ill be sure to take some pics..
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Off to a GREAT start!!!
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That is the first
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif What Gene said

Sounds like your off and running, me personally I don't mop very often and if I do it's only at the end of the smoke. If you mop to early you risk washing off your rub.

Can't wait to see pics

Good Luck and Happy Smokes
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so do yall flip the brisket? i would tihnk not... and whats the cooler at the end do for it?
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I don't flip them.

The cooler is for "the rest"....redistributes the juices inside the brisket.
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