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Got my 250 tank and My first build begins - Page 2

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Awesome project bigsal! Can't wait to see what's next, going to be on hellva smoker.

Hey JOK3R..thanks for the heads up on that little welder, looks like just the ticket for the occasional backyard job.

Better yet just scored a new one off ebay for $68 shipped. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif.
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DaveNH, That's a great price! You won't regret it!! That little inverter is so nice! You can take it anywhere there is a 110v reseptical which is just about everywhere and it is small, you could almost get it in your glove box. The only thing I did was change the stinger/electrode clamp to a better one. HF has another one that has TIG and Stick and runs at 165 amps, I want that one!!

My friend got a cheap HF $89.00 MIG and I hooked it up to his 235amp AC\DC stick welder, just opened the side of the MIG and disconnected the transformer and connected the positve and negative leads from the stick to the leads going to the gun so basically he is just using it for the wire feed and getting the power from the stick. You still have to plug in the MIG but just to feed the wire. That thing ROCKS! Can you say 100% duty cycle!? Geez that thing just welds so smooth and tight! Too bad he didn't get the one with the argon hook up..
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alright need help with this. I found some tire irons and fit perfect in the tubing. Now I have no tubing bender or torch so any ideas on how i can bend these rods.I have two tire irons

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Can't you just go get some steel stock? Hell even lowe's sells it. I think if you put it in a large vice and beat it with a BFH it will do what you want it to.
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BawHaaaha! icon_twisted.gif My favorite tool things really start happening when ya get the BFH out.
If that don't work put it in a vice and slide a 3 foot peice of pipe over it and crank down on it.
Nice build ya got going...good luck.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I am with Pinkmeat and SixPack and the BFH!!! Or you could do it the old fashion way and heat it up in a real hot fire until it is orange and beat it with a BFH like a Blacksmith..
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DID some work yesterday and today.

bent the rod with the trusty torch.

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Build looks awesome! Can't wait to see the finished product.
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Tagged for more pics.
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Finally Got to do Some work on my Smoker Build

Still have lots to Do. But here it goes.

14$ at Harbor Freight what a deal

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Looks good so far, what was the tank and what size?PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looking good I like watching these build threads!!
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Going to be neat project to follow. I really like the hinges, getting ready to start a 250 gal myself and going to copy you if you don’t mind. EXCELLENT start, please keep us updated.
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I also enjoy watching these builds, seeing all the ideas come together as people build their own TBSmokers.

Please keep the pics coming and thanks for sharing.
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Man everytime I see one of these builds I start looking around and try to figure how I can build another one of these thing. Then I go out on my back porch and think why do I need a 6th or a bigger grill/smoker. The porch is only 18'x 30' and under roof. So keep up the good work and I cann't wait for the finish and smoking Qview.
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Coming along nicely. Is it going to be a reverse flow? Keep us updated, looks great.
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looks like your off to a good start. great deal on the jack. I can't wait to start on mine. I was hoping to start cutting on mine last sunday but got hit with the flu. It kicked my butt. Looks like it might be after deer season before I get started.
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i've said it before and i'll say it again.............there are some talented folks here!
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Very cool - cant wait to see the finished product -
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Thanks guys. Yea its a 250gal tank and I dont mind at all if you use the hinge idea. I am still debating about the reverse flow or not. I have a 5.5" stack so i might go with the reverse flow. The only thing is I dont have that much form the top of the fire box and the bottom grating. ill have to make a drop from the top of the fire box

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