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Squeeze bacon

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Ok so I suppose in reality this should fall more into the category of Monday morning humor...but maybe, just maybe we can find a way to incorporate this into a fatty.


...then again, maybe not
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press check out..lol
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Just something about it being pureed and squeezed out of a bottle seems kind of gross. Would be neat to put in a fattie. Wish I had that for my bacon fattie stuffed with bacon and coated in bacon salt. Wasn't anything special but if I had some squeeze bacon...
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teacup you caught on way to fast. or maybe you actually were going to buy some of it. either way, be sure to watch the video link at the bottom of the page. pretty freaking hilarious.
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tooo funny! when they squeez the bacon into the cereal they say "american style break your fast". What are they saying, we like bacon or something? haha
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