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Hello again

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I was somewhat regular on the forum before it crashed hard a couple of months back. I just have not been back on for whatever reason. Anyway, my name is Jeff and live in Sylvania, Ga. I hail from Texas originally but have lived in many places since then. I cook on an OK joe Longhorn and have a homemade sausage smoker.
I have been doing bbq since I was a teenager and have a long lineage in my Texas roots from whence I learned. My grandpa was a hog farmer and I got into sausage making about 8 years ago after I realized you don't have to kill a hog everytime you want to make some. (I realized they actually sell parts of dead hogs in the stores and you can make sausage from those wink.gif ).
I would love to upgrade to a Lang 60 one day, Lord willing. Till then, it's me and the Joe.
Anyway, I am back and look forward to corresponding again.

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Welcome Back Jeff.
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Hello jeff, thanks for the introduction, and welcome back to the SMF.
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Welcome back.
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Welcome. Glad to see you found your way back. Would like to see some pics next time you make sausage.
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Welcome back Jeff
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Hello Jeff, and welcome back to the forums. Lookin' forward to your input here.
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welcome, glad to have you back
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Good ta see ya again Jeff....welcome back!
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Welcome back to SMF!!!!
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Good to have you back Jeff!
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Welcome back to SMF. Glad you decided to rejoin us.
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