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Some a todays orders

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Some a todays orders
I don't normally sell sausage, to much cost, to much work an usually just make it fer us. Had a good customer try some an really wanted a batch, soooooo, oh well, here's his 5 pounds a summer sausage.

Hand still ain't strong enough ta do sausage like usuall so flipped the machine around, got it done, but glad I wasn't makin a big batch!

These er all beef summer sausages an stuffed inta 1 1/2" mahogany casins. There sittin in the ice box bloomin fer the night, smokes on fer tammarraw!
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Dang that makes my mouth water!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Looks good
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Looks real nice!!! Great job!!!
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Very nice. I love summer sausage. You know if you need a hand and want to expand the business I would be willing to work for you. All I ask is a cot to sleep on or a blanket and a rock) and some of that fine looking smoke you produce...
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Fire it up, thanks, right now the business struggles ta support itself, most months it don't, but bein a side business that be alright. Were workin on it fer the future.

Sorry, but I already got a housefull I'm tryin ta get moved out! Love em ta death, but sure be glad when they find there own place! Momma an I er lookin forward ta bein empty nesters again.
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Looks great, Tip. Can't wait to see them done. It's nice to see you posting some of your work again. biggrin.gif
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Nice work. Guess you already know what your limits are with your hand, so I won't say "don't over-do it". Hang in there my friend, healing takes time, and your side business will bloom when the economy turns around, along with word of mouth. I see only good things coming for ya! That's gonna be a great service to the community (homestyle is hard to find), and they will come a buyin'!

Still think bout ya, and wishin the best!

Thanks for sharing!

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Nice work... I am thinking about getting into sausage making... We shall see soon enough!

Great job!
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Tip that looks great just don't hurt that hand. I look forward to the finished pics too
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After the smoke

icon_exclaim.gif After the smoke
Here be the sausage after the smoke, gave em a nice cool bath after they was finished, heped keep em from wrinklin up as much. As ya can see they be juicy, that will set up some more as they continue ta cool an then go inta the ice box. Taste is mighty good!

This en had just a tiny air pocket, it was the last a the batch ta go through the stuffer.
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They look really good, Tip.

I think you started something whether you wanted to or not. Once they get a taste, there will be more orders all the time.
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looks good Tip let me know when i can become a consuming customer PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif
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Looks damn good................Nice job................
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Real nice lookin sausage Tip!
Good ta hear the hand is gettin better.
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Great job on the sausage!
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Mmmmm....that looks real fine. I almost got up and licked my monitor.
Great job!
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