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Viewing Who Is On-Line

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Hey Everbody:

It has been a while since I have been on the smoking forum. Before I had a box that showed who was on-line as I navigated the forums. Is this feature gone? I saw that I could go to a sperate screen to view the list but it was nice to have it up in the header.
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That information is at the bottom of the page now, just scroll down. icon_smile.gif
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I found it on the bottom of the main forums screen but I usually just monitor the new posts screen. Any way to get it back on that screen as well?
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that featured disappeared after the site crashed. I'm thinking it will be back once they get the look of the old board back, which I hear will be soon. Hope that helps.
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I think that may be part of what is being worked on check out this thread
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You can also go to the top of the page and next to "log out" is "quick links" click on that and "whos online" is at the bottom. Click on it and the list will pop up.
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