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Help with Ribs

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icon_question.gifI bought two racks of baby back ribs. Not all my guests can make it. Should I freeze one or should I smoke both.
I'm not sure if I can freeze a fresh rack or smoke it and vacuum pack it for later use,
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Two racks? That is a single serving size. biggrin.gif
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That's why I now buy spares for my backyard events...I would demolish a whole rack of BB's by myself!

I freeze ribs, and they are just fine for smoking later. In fact, I get a little nervous if I don't have something in the freezer on backup reserve for those smoke emergencies! Just be sure you work all of the air out of your package to prevent freezer burn. If I stock up, I use the food saver if they don't already come in a cryovac package.

Just my $.02
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I would freeze them uncooked as well
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Thats exactly what we do.It is hard finding quality competition ribs here so we st.louis trim spareribs and vac-u-seal and freeze- as we find them.
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Exactly what the man said, that's my line and I'm sticking to it.
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Oh hell yes!!! X2 icon_wink.gif
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You don't say how many people you are having. In my house two racks are an appetizer. If you don't finish them off, keep in fridge for a snack or leftovers next day.

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Makes a great sammie too.....deboned of coursetongue.gif
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Along with some of your butter/ with corn, and butter/with taters!icon_lol.gif
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