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Bubba Q

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Anyone have one of these?
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Looks to work like a green egg. I would be curious to know!
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first I ever heard of them, any idea on price, usually when they don't put it on the website its not good lol, one of them if you have to ask its to much type of things.
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I don't have any experience with the BGE Knockoff, but I do have some experience with their products that would influence me for spending any more money with their company.

I had a large insulated mug that I really liked, and after a couple of months, it started dribbling down the front of my shirt everytime I took a drink. I liked the large size, so I went and got another one. After a couple of months...same thing. I called them and their customer service apologized and took my information to send me a replacement....It never showed up. I was out maybe 25 bucks, but more than that, they did not deal with me in good faith and follow through on their commitment. Apparently their idea of customer service is to appease you on the phone and then file the complaint in the trash can.

This to me shows a lack of customer service, (not to mention POS products). Since they got me twice, they get no more of my money!

Just my $.02
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I just saw one at Home Depot this past weekend. I'm 1/2 brain dead today so I can't remember what they cost...somewhere between $499-$799 I think. It seemed a lot lighter than the BGE.
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good to know on the mugs and jugs, I was looking at one of the big ones, better pass
China has knocked off about everything under the sun, I sure wish they would send some $199 Large size BGE clones our way.
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Why would you like some $199.00 clones?rolleyes.gif Must want to see what really poor customer service is all about.
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Customer service is high on my listPDT_Armataz_01_26.gif I won't shop a store with poor service. Thanks for the info!
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Ditto that.
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because its $10 worth of ceramic and $10 worth of enamal on $10 in sheetmetal, maybe go crazy and have $30 in stainless steel for the grills, handles and vents? Even the true eggheads will admit the customer service from BGE is not spectacular, sure it has a lifetime warranty but please go read the 1100 words entailed in the LIMITED lifetime warranty, you have to mark any chips cracks or defects on the purchase invoice or they void the warrantly, if you mop your smoke or add liquids, if you use lighter fluid, if they determine you improperly used it or did not maintain it properly, buy it off the internet ???? they void the warranty, and the outside is not covered at all for rust or chips/cracks, I am a fan of the BGE, know three people that own them, thats why I want one!
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Ok, let's go ahead and say they have $60.00 in materials (your math) and you're willing to cough up $199.00 for a clone, that you have no clue as to how long it will last. With any kind of luck you'll get the 50/50 warranty which is 50 seconds or 50 ft which ever comes first. Then when you do have the "dreaded" problem, and customer service decides they want to jerk you around for any number of reasons; return this part or that part or worse, return the whole unit at your expense. Then buyer beware comes in to play. Bottom line-In most, not all cases, you get what you pay for.
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lol I guess its the same reason some of us go through a couple cheap sfb units and maybe even a ecb or two before we invest in a heavy gauge pit, we are to tight to give up the cash o laa. I suppose a few guys start off with a bge but most have grilled before, for the price of the xl bge and a table you could get a weber and a years worth of food to cook on it.
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That guy in the blue shirt giving the thumbs up really won me over. Besides, it has built in beer bottle openers.
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Saw it at Home Depot. $799.00 + $15.00 to assemble if you want. Looked well built, should be for that $$$ icon_eek.gif
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