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Chucky Time

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I finally got to do some smoking today and did one chucky. The rub was sent to me by another member. Thanks it was great. The wood was oak and pecan and smoker temps were 215-235
Rub on and ready
It was added to a couple butts that are posted in the pork section
Temp up to 165 and ready for foil
Took it to 195* and rested it for 30 minutes and here it is sliced



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That looks delicious, Jerry. Glad to see you're smoking again. biggrin.gif
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very nice indeed!! Never done a chuckie myself. The wife wants to do a big easter family bbq, and I think my first chuckie might be in order.
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Looks great!! I love doing those chuckies...seared, not seared, on the rack, in a pan, doesn't matter. They ALWAYS turn out great!
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I thought the Boston turned out good! That looks great!
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Nice looking chuckie !!!!
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That's a great looking chuckie! I like to see a smoker full of goodies. Thanks for the Qview.
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Sweeet, gotta love Chuckies!
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Absolutely delicious!!! Reminds me it's almost dinner time.
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