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Put my first pork loin on...

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And now I'm hoping for a bit of advice. I rubbed her up and and she's been in the smoker for a bit...up to 93 internal. From what I've read, it seems like foiling isn't totally necessary and to pull the loin out at 155 or so and let it rest and hit 160 before slicing.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or corrections? Much appreciated...and I will have Q-View a bit later.
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Is it wrapped in bacon? Are you mopping or spritzing it with something? What temp are you smoking it at?
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Sorry...haven't smoked anything for a while so I'm a bit rusty. No bacon wrap and I'm not spritzing. The loin has a nice layer of fat so I think it'll stay moist. I'm smoking at a pretty constant 250 with a mix of hickory chunks and apple and cherry chips.
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I pulled the one I did today at 150 and it came out perfect after a 20 minute rest.
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thanks...i'll probably do something like that.
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Pork loins are quite a lean cut so it's good you have one with a fat cap on it to keep it's moisture. If you didn't then I'd recommend spritzing every hour. I'd recommend foiling after the meat is pulled at the internal temp of 150, and leaving it foiled (and in a cooler preferrably) for at least an hour prior to slicing. Save those juices that accumulate ... makes a good gravy!
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