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Meat Curing Guide

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Has anyone read the meat curing guide that Mortons has. I was thinking of ordering it, since its only a few dollars but was curious if anyone else has read it and what information is in it.
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It may be okay if all you want to use is Tenderquick for a cure. I would suggest getting a copy of Rytek Kutas's book of great sausage making and meat curing. The 4th edition is out now which is updated from the one I bought over 20 years ago.
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Bassman is right. I have both. The mortons book has some great recipes and steps for curing using their products. The Kutas book has other curing options.

If you are going to use Mortons products though, I'd get the booklet.
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I agree I have both and they each have some great info and for the price the Morton's Guide is a bargain. The Ryteck book is the best out there tho
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i have both as well, to much information is never a bad thing as long as it dont confuse you. no joking intended. the mortons guide is good, but is strictly brand product oriented. RK's book although sets you back a few dollars, is well worth the investment and any person interested in making sausage or curing meat needs to have availability to this book. follow it and it will not lead you astray.

RK = Ryteck Kutas, his book Great sausage recipies and meat curing is the one i am reffering to.
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As I get into starting the "meat cure" thing, this thread is quite informational as to what books to get to start my summer reading! Good information so far ...
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Im still learning this art form, but I have come across a few books and I took peoples advice off here several months ago and bought Rytek's book, the 4th edition. By far the best book I have hands down.
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