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Too many variables to say for certain (amount of wind, direction of wind, ambient temps, rain) but you should be able to get 2-3 hours out of it. At least that has been my experience.
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With properly placed tuning plates, I can get my end to end temps within 10° of each other. I used 1/8" plate.

That is as long as the wind isn't blowing too hard. biggrin.gif It's a little trickier with my windbreak but it can be done.

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hey dave how thick is the baffle that u use? mine is about an 1/8 thick but still have a difference of 50 degrees from end to end. both of my therms r the same but could it b my therms.
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My baffle and tuning plates are 1/8" thick plate.

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I'm not a welder, but what do you guys think about using a quality high temp aluminum tape to seal gaps on my Brinkmann Smoke-n-Pit, horiz offset $199 Home Depot starter smoker? Thanks for the mods/pics Dave. That is a wealth of info! Cheers.

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is it recommended to use tuning plates? can you get away without using them?

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My first smoke I didn't have any modifications, and although it turned out a bit dry, it was still good :)


The only thing I have done so far is add the thermometers at each end. I don't understand how they expect a person to do any smoking using a thermometer without degree markings on it. After adding those, my smoking improved greatly.


This weekend I'm planning on adding tuning plates, and doing the stack extension to about 1-2" above the grate.


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Great ideas I have been considering making all of these mods to my Brinkmann. I also thought one additional one would be nice...I want to use wood stove gasketing to seal up the smoking chamber lid, and also the firebox, as I have noticed in my first few smokes, that alot of smoke was escaping from around these two doors. I think it would help with temperature control, as well as keeping the delicious smoke where you want it.



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I don't recommend putting the rope gasket on. It frays and gets everywhere.

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to all of you guys, GREAT thread.  Thanks for all the info.  Just got my first Brinkman SNP from Hone Depot 2 weeks ago, first ever try at smoked ribs went well last Sunday, but did have major temp problems, like those alluded to here. 

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OK, had the family over for Christmas, and went a little untradional with fried turkey and smoked ribs.


It was great!   I used some mods mentioned here, but with a poorman take on things (ie:, little skill in power tools, sheet metal working...)  To put a damper in place, I took a tin foil lid to large buffet tray and folded it in half, then placed it in place over the offset heat opening.  I took a half size lid and molded it around a whiffle ball bat and made a chimney extention, which I then slid up the chimney, greatly lowering it into the heating area.  Both mods seemed to work great, tested week before Christmas and again on Christmas...but used the rub and sauce sold here, and it was GREAT!!

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since this got resurected I'll link my baffle and convection plate mod




and heavy duty coal/wood box



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Awesome info!!   I was wondering, being a rookie smoker with an offset model, if the hole from the firebox to the smoke chamber would be a problem but the easy solution with a baffle provided here made me feel dumb for not thinking of it myself!!! lol. Tuning plates are on the list too now.

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Wow!!!! Thank you!!!! I'm a newbie to the site and to smoking. This info was everything I was looking for. Hopefully doing some of these other mods will help. I have used my smoker 3 times and each time i fight to get the temp up over 175 degrees. I am going to try some of these and hopefully I will have a lil more luck!

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Still being new to making mods to my smoker, I am wondering since my Char-Broil AGD offset came with a charcoal grate/drip pan in the cooking chamber, if I were to do a baffle over the firebox opening, I would have to remove the charcoal grate/drip pan in the cooking chamber correct?  Also, I have an upper warming rack in the cooking chamber as well.  I used it most recently during my last rib smoke and used it for ribs and corn.  If I were to do the exhaust extension, I would either have to remove the upper warming or cut a hole in the rack in order for the exhaust extension to go all the way to grate level.  As of right now, the warming rack comes within about an inch of the exhaust opening.

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One thing that's always bothered my about my S'nP is the time it takes for heating up, especially when it's cold and windy.  Due to where I have my unit placed, there is always a good chance of wind...wind blowing from the wrong direction.  I put the smoker where I did for ease of use and access, so it's not really movable.  I was cleaning up the garage a while back and when I started sorting through my electrical supplies, I came across an old muffin fan.  It got me thinking...so, this is what I came up with.




It's fairly low rpm, just enough to move some air.  It gets the coals going rolling pretty good, pretty quickly.  I will also kick it on when I have the smoke lid open, keeps me from losing too much heat.  I've also found that it works great at the end of a smoke, you know the time, when the smoker starts losing heat, but the meat is almost done.  Don't really want to add more coals, so I'll kick on the little fan and extract all every BTU that's left in the coals.


I know there are products on the market that will do the same thing...I just whipped this together with stuff I had hanging around the garage.  I'm just one, 120v high temp thermostat away from having an automated fan. ;-)

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Luckily when I built mine the drain for the tank was center at the bottom so I put my stack there and it turned out to be about grate level. This was before I knew much about smokers. I have used info such as your post above to add a baffle and such to my smoker. I also  lowered the firebox etc. Trying to find a good insulation for it. It is not made of super thick metal. Maybe 1/8 inch or so. Thicker than some cheapies but not the quarter inch which seems to be popular. Someone needs to invent some sparay on expanding insulation that withstands high heat and is food safe.

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So I got the SnP from home depot last year for $199. I figure with all the modifications I can get a good smoker out of it. So I did the chimney extension, added a baffle, tuning plates (both out of 1/8 thick steel plates), stove gasket rope and 2 thermometers, about 10 inch from each side, at meat level. Unfortunately I still get a temperature difference of 75deg F between the thermometers. I'm very disappointed. I was hoping for better results after spending over $100 in parts. I have gone back to using my Webber Gold for smoking since it uses 1/3 of the charcoal and once I stabilize the temperature, I don't need to do much. It will be hard to convince wife to let me get rid of this and spend $1000 for a better smoker. Anyone else having difficulty getting steady temperature in the smoker section?

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How much have you played with the tuning plates.  Contrary to a post of mine earlier in the thread, I've got it down to 10-15* difference in temps after tweaking the tuning plates a bit.  I just used some 6" wide 1/8" thick steel sheets.  I slid them back and forth until I finally got it pretty close.  This is of course once it's settled in and running.  While it's heating up, the temps can be as much a 50* difference.



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That's the funny part,  notice no difference when moving the tuning plates around, which is puzzling.


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