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Plateau question

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Ok how long after the plateau does it take to get a pork butt up to temp? got my first butt going and the plateau lasted an hour and a half at 153. Smoker has been steady between 230 and 240
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I believe it depends on the size of the meat. just always remember, be patient, that meat is soaking up that heat, it will start moving eventualy.
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Sorry there is no set answer every piece of meat is different.
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this meat is trying my patience lol. 3 hours now on plateau.
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Pork shoulder for me is usualy a 14 hour smoke. have faith brudda, all will work out for ya!
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Be patient and you will be rewarded with a nice juicy tender piece of meat. Now with that being said if you are out of patience or really need to get it done if your at 153* go ahead and spritz/mop it and foil it this will usually break the plateau and things will go much faster in the foil. In my opinion it is better to just ride out the plateau and you get a better product.
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14 hours? Ouch.. should have started earlier than 0630. timed it based on the pork butt sticky thread of 1.5 hours pound. sound like it's closer to 2. gunna be a late supper PDT_Armataz_01_31.gif

At least the BBGOSM is working nice. temps are stayin pretty stable despite the large changes in OAT here in CO today.

Temp is up to 157. looks like it's out of the plateau.
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my temp is lower though, I run at 225. And pineywoods is correct when he says foil will speed it up, but it will be better if you wait it out.
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