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My Container Garden Update

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This year I decided I would I would grow my first garden.

I live in FL, so soil conditions are less than ideal, and nematodes thrive in this environment.

I started all but 5 of my plants from seeds back in the middle of December.

For a full list of items planted, please see this thread...

As you can see from the pictures, things sure have changed.

I have had great success in my opinion so far.

The Self Watering Containers have worked tremendously for the tomatoes. I would have to say this is one of the most efficient ways to grow tomatoes that there is.

The pepper plants are all starting to go crazy and grow like weeds. Little peppers are popping out all over the place. Tomatoes continue to be strong, Cucumbers are doing great, have had a fair share of lettuce and spinach, Okra is starting to do well with the warmer weather. Other things, are doing well, but too much to list.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, and that it gives you folks up north some inspiration for your soon to be gardens.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Overall views

Half of the Pepper Plants


Sweet Peppers

Some of the Corn


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I like your composter too
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Ya know BC that just ain't right showing those pic's, I still got frost in the ground :(
looks sweet though I hope my garden is half as nice.
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Great looking plants BC.
Great job. Are you planning on putting any plants in the ground or growing all from pots?
Love the little peppers by the way. Always a great site when they start to fruit because you know many peppers are to follow.
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Looks great congrats it doesn't look like a rookie garden to me
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Nice job on the garden! Look great :). Gotta get started on mine soon, had a large oak tree fall right down the middle of the garden in an ice storm. Crushed a bunch of my self watering containers, trellises and fence icon_mad.gif. Hope to have some time next week to get started icon_smile.gif.
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I really enjoy the pics.Definite inspiration for months to come.For first time -looks like you have found way around the dreaded nematodes-good luck
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That looks like a great start to a high-yielding garden, Nick. I may have to drive down that way to buy some produce off ya!

One question on your plants, have you had any problems with bugs? I have tried numerous times to grow tomatoes in the back yard but they get eaten up by little black bugs ...

Thanks for sharing the pics ...
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Thanks for posting your real-life experiences with container gardening. I'm going to give that a try this year, so it's nice to see your comments about how well it works.

I'll be using cat litter pails for the containers, since with five cats we have an endless supply of free containers.
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Very nice. Hopefully you won't have the problem I had with container tomatoes and I would suppose other "leggy" style plants. The Wind!! I would find quite a few blown over from time to time. I still do tomatoes during the winter season in containers, but had to modify my tomato cages and even stake them to the grown.
Only time I ever had nematodes in Florida was when I planted Okra. So I let the neighbor grow it and we trade.

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