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Bacon part II

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So it is a snowy day here in OKC and I am off work for a change. Seems like
every time I am off the weather is bad. Windy fire watch rain etc. So since I have a 4 day weekend next weekend I decided to grab the last of the 30 pounds of pork belly and try some more bacon curing. This is my second attempt at bacon and I decided to start with a dry cure. I call this "the kitchen sink" because I opened my spice rack and threw in a lot of different things. I have Bradley sugar cure, brown sugar, pablano chili powder, CPB, and some old bay. Crazy huh? In the beer fridge to cure for 7 days!

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Is that todays snow? Even us in NY have 60's going on....and I thought we were the armpit of the countries weather.
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OKC arm pit
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No smoke!

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On with the Dino's

Done! Very peppery with the Chipolte. Me Likes!tongue.gif

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man that looks was the finished product and where are the pics ?????
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Good looking stuff man cannot wait to try tat.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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