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Big Chops

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I did some of these last week. I didn't cure them, but I did brine them overnight due to the thickness of the meat. They received no grilling or anything other than seasoning with cracked pepper, kosher salt and garlic. Into the smoker they went to an internal temp of 145 (yeah, I know).

Loin chops 1 1/2" - 2" thick, seasoned and ready:

Fresh out of the smoker:

Served over a bed of sauteed cremini mushrooms, onions, and red & yellow bell peppers;

Thick an juicy, with a tiny smoke ring that almost didn't show in the pic:
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Looks good. Smoke ring may be tiny but you can tell it's there. Glad to see that some people still like to eat their veggies.
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Nice job! Nothing wrong with that gig!
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Man, that all looks good -- not just the chops but the veggies, too.
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I'm Hurt Man...Were the veggies done in the smoker as well...Looks Fantastic...

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Good looking chops ya smoked! Bet that was some good eating!
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