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Sirloin Tip Roast Questions

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Got a just shy of 5 lb's. Sirloin Tip Roast. Rubbed with Big Bob Gibson's rub & been sitting in fridge overnight. Planning on smoking @ 225* but not sure about the "slice or pull" thing yet.....Any Suggestions?...Will be using Hickory.....This is really a pretty lean Roast.....Thanks!

Tried to upload pics, site would not let me. Try Later.....icon_evil.gif
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I think I'd go for sliced I don't think theres enough fat in that cut to take them to pulling temps without them being very dry
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sirloin tip is good stuff,
if it was me, I would smoke it to about 135*
then shave it for sammies
I use sirloin tip to make italian hot beef sammies!
damn, Im getting hungry now, I better pull the one out I have in the freezer
the weekend is coming!
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Exactly what uncle said. Make a drip pan with aujus, yum. French dips are the bomb.
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I would slice for sure. A sirloin tip usually doesn't lend itself to pulling very well as has been stated. Occasionally, my wife will put one in the oven and cook it up like a pot roast. I get quite upset at this, as I usually have plenty of roasts off my beef that needs to be cooked this way, but not near enough roasts that are good for roasting and slicing.
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Absolutely, what they all said - sirloin tip is from the hindquarter and is much leaner w/out the marbling; you need to cook it to 135° and bring it directly over here... PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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As others recommended, go for slicing the roast. Another recommendation is to place an aluminum pan with sliced green peppers and onions under the roast to catch the drippings. Makes a nice au jus for those sammies!
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Thanks all for the input.....It turned out pretty good, I took it to about 140* then foiled, rested & into the fridge....cut as thin as I could with an electric of the commercial type meat slicers would have been nice....All in all the flavor was there, just a little tough for me, I think I prefer Pulled Chuckies over just about anything right now....Hopefully pics will show up this time......Tried to load pics, upload is telling me this is not a valid upload image (jpeg)........Worked on another site?
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What Pops said, bring it over here!biggrin.gif
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What everyone else has said. Here is one I did a while back. Took to 135 and sliced thin used my comp rub...was as good as prime rib.

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