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Quick Chuckie Questions

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I'm thinking of trying a couple of chuckies (8 people at the house) either this weekend or during the week (a week off of work). I know you guys were smoking until 160 deg. and then foiling to 195 deg for slicing. Do you know an approximate time to these temps? I know it depends on the piece of meat and the smoker (I'll be about 225 deg), but I was just looking for some guestimates.

Also, I've seen some posts, but I was looking for some hints on rubs or injections. I don't really like the taste I've gotten from Italian dressing. It always seems a little strong and a little sour to me. Any other suggestions would be very much welcomed. Thanks ahead of time for the help.
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You are just looking for a time guideline so that you know when to fire up the smoker, right? The reason I ask is simple of course, because you want to focus on internal temp and not cook by time...but you probably already know that if you are hanging around this forum icon_cool.gif

If that is the case, @ 225° figure about 1.5 hours per pound - but that INCLUDES your "wait time" before if you have a couple 4-6 lb. chuckies, I would say you'd be smoking them for 6-7 hours, and then another hour wait while they rest wrapped in foil...

That said - it's only a guess, as all cuts are different. The key is: You can double-wrap these in foil, cooler them w/ towels, and 2 hours later they will be piping hot for you to slice and serve! The point is, allow PLENTY of time to hit that 195-205° mark and then you can always hold them until serving time.

I would suggest smoking at closer to 240° if you can...mine always turn out a little tougher than I planned if I stay below 240° or so...but there could be many reasons for smoker set-up, the way I prep the meat...the key is - to cook it low and slow, but now so low that you just effectively dry out the meat.

Finally, here is a good idea I did last weekend for the rub/injection.

I used a home-made simple beef rub but I injected w/ a mixture of worcestershire sauce, ground blk. pepper and garlic powder. I threw the cracked black pepper into my coffee grinder and powerdered it would clog up the needle icon_idea.gif Worked great...

Good luck - I really love the beef!
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Shark, the chuckie is one of my favs! I usually use just a shake steak seasoning as a rub. Right before foiling I add a bit of beef stock to it. Watch your finished temps. If ya get it up to 200-205 you wont be able to slice it cuz it will fall apart.(which happens to be the way I like it) Just like Bman can keep those things real warm for a long time when wrapped and put in a cooler. Save your juices(liquid gold) pour into a bowl and put in fridge to de-fat. Then add back to your meat befoe serving. Enjoy!!
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The chuckies I have done have hit nasty plateaus. Even the small ones. SO be prepared for that.

My favorite chuckie I have done I poured margaritas over it, sprinkled with southwestern seasoning blend and a few lime slices. Then sprayed it with more margaritas a few times as it cooked. Poured margaritas in when foiling and had pulled beef tacos. GOOD STUFF. My thread on it was lost in the crash though.
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I'm still new to smoking, and have only done one chuckie. But I did it a few days ago, and the details are still fresh in my mind......

Mine was just shy of 3 pounds. I browned it over hot coals first. I did not check temp at that point. Then it took 3hr 45 min to hit 160* right on the button in the smoker. My hood thermometer was right on 225* most of the time, so the grate temp was less. I foiled it at 160* and put it back on. It took about 2 hr to go from 160 to 203 internal. From start (browning on grill) to finish (out of the cooler) was about 7 hrs.
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Thanks for all the replies and the help guys.
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If ypou are gona slice it, take it to 160-165, pan and foil it, and smoke to 175-180, rest an hr, slice and add seperated juices!icon_wink.gif
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After doing dozens of chucks, heres what works for me.
No injection necessary. I want to taste beef, not some other flavor. Pick a rub that works on beef and thats all you need.
I try to smoke mine to 170 before I pan and foil it. I dont spritz or mop and I dont add any liquid to the pan. I smoke any where from 220 -250.
Then I put it into a 220 (or less) degree oven and go to bed. When it reaches 200 or so, into the cooler it goes for how ever many hours I feel like. As long as the temp stays above 140 youre OK.
Now if I want to slice it then into the fridge it goes after removing the juices for defatting. When it is cooled it will be firm enough to slice thin. then back into the pan with the defatted juices, foiled, and back into a 220 degree oven till hot again. Works every time....

Works the same for brisket too.

I start about 4PM Saturday to have Sunday supper. Thats my time frame.
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Here are the last ones I did:

Plan on 6-7 hours total and you should be in good shape...I sear, do two hours smoke in a pan, flip, two more hours in smoke, foil the pan and they are usually done in another hour or two.

Best of Luck
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Exactly! The way Louie & I do it!
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