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Candian Bacon started

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I finally got to start a new batch of Canadian Bacon. I am pretty much using ShooterRick's recipe however before smoking I will be injecting with maple syrup. Heres the start
The loins trimmed up

The Tender Quick and spices mixed for each

Loin 1 rubbed also added all leftover spice cure mix to bag before sealing

Loin 2

Loin 3

Loin 4

After rub I vacuum sealed them with the extra cure and spice from each added to its bag

Then I wrote the date I put them into cure and the date I will remove them as well as the weight of each
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Will be waiting for the results. Looks like a great start!
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Looking good Piney, Can't wait to see how ya like them.
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You're off to a good start, Jerry. I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out. icon_smile.gif
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Looks good so far, Piney. Shooter Rick's cure is the way to go. It will be interesting to see how they come out with the maple syrup injection.
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I've never tried to make Canadian Bacon before. What cut of meat are you using and what is the process you'll use after the cure?

Thanks for the info
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Looking good my friend. Can't do the Maple syrup thing. I am sure it will be good but we just don't like it sweet so I will just take your word on it. LOL Glad you all find my cure worthy ole masterful one! LOL

Meat cuts: usually loin that has been trimmed lean. I will eventually do a boneless butt for bacon also with same cure.
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Boneless pork loins trimmed up as Rick says. After the cure time you take it out and rinse it well then pat it dry slice a small piece and fry it. Taste it if its salty then soak in clean cool water if its not salty then I put it into the fridge uncovered to dry some more while I get the smoker ready. I try to keep my temps low during the smoke to allow more smoke penetration under 200 smoker temp if possible depending on smoker sometimes its 225*. You can smoke it to 140* internal if your going to cook it later or 160* if your not going to cook it further.
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I like the sound of the maple injection.... hmm wonder if there will be any left in mid april...biggrin.gif
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Thanks for posting pics of the process, Jerry. For some reason, CB is something that's intimidating to me but I'll have to try it sometime this year. rolleyes.gif

Can't wait to see more pics!
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Follow the recipe Sumo. I am curing my 4th batch to smoke this weekend and the recipe and suggested cure times have not let me down yet. Go for it!
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I am rinsing and smoking ShooterRicks recipe myself tomorrow- after curing since monday.I eagerly anticipate adding this to my future smoking.Thanks again.
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Thanks for all the advice. I'll add that to the ever growing "to do" list
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Well the weather was against me so I went with a longer cure and smoked them today. Used apple chips
Here they are after rinsing and drying a bit

Then I injected with this

Then rubbed with Paprika

While I was getting them ready I had this in the smoker getting started


I then shut the GOSM down and let the charcoal keep the chips going. I used my turkey fryer burner and a coffee can to get more coals going and added to the chip pan when needed
Here it is with the charcoal burning the wood chips

After about 4 hours I lite the GOSM and turned it to low which was around 200 and when they hit 160 I pulled them.

After resting I sliced them

Here it is bagged for the night will divide it up and vacuum seal it tomorrow
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looks great Piney! Did the maple flavor come thru?
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Now that's some good looking CB! You forgot to tell us what it tastes like with the maple syrup injection. I'm already down to two small packages. Guess I'll do two loins next time.tongue.gif
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good looking bacon Jerry,I also don't do the maple anymore unless it's requested for sale,and Laurel buy a loin and do it-it's so simple and a great way to get into bacon making.I waiting on seeing your next bacon project jerry.i love bellies.
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Good lookin CB Jerry! Momma fixed the last package fer breakfest taday, so I better get another one a goin! Clever idear makin the gosm coal an gas!

Laurel, just get ya a pig loin an get at it! It ain't that hard, ya get ta eat it in the end an work on changin it round ta be a star! Come on, I know yall can do it!
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Nice job Jerry. Looks like it turned out very good. I'm surprised you haven't tasted it yet. icon_lol.gif
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Wow, they really look great! There just isn't enough time to try all the stuff on this website, but I'm going to try.
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