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Springtime Fattie Throwdown

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So as the good luck of the Irish would have it I unknowingly nominated myself for beginning the next fattie throwdown.
I have to say that I am actually happy, not that I was in charge of beginning it, but that it is time for another fattie throwdown. So delicious and so versatile.

The rules are simple, it must be smoked, it must be stuffed and it must be good. Oh, and Qview, obviously, is a plus.
Anything new, unique and inventive. Stuffings are limitless.
What do you win? Why a delicious fattie of course, and the respect of your peers, but most importantly the fattie.

The competition will end on April 30th so make sure to post your entrances before then!

I won't be doing my first few creations for a few days but can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Gentlemen (and ladies), start your smokers. (sorry Dawn) icon_wink.gif
Good luck, and have fun!
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Hey, what about us ladies? biggrin.gif
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Well said Dawn! biggrin.gif

I've made this thread a sticky so we won't have to search for it.
Good luck with the throwdown Fire It Up!!
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Thanks Jeanie, good deal.
Actually just had my first idea hit me. Weather claims 51 degrees tomorrow so should have my first one posted sometime then.

Sorry everyone, woke up all kinds of sick this morning so I sure won't be doing any smoking. Can't even look at pictures of posts right now, ugh...
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Are we posting on this thread?
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looks like a good idea to me, dude -

i've got an idea for a good fattie - hope the weather holds out this weekend and i can give it a try.

if not this weekend, then soon!
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I am in.Good thing we have a few weeks.I Plan on a fattie in three weeks.
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OHHHHH YEAAAHHHHH...a fattie throwdown!

I'll be there...I have already come up with a couple of good ideas, now if I can only execute them.

I will edit this post with links to my fattie Qviews, after I come up with an appropriate BBQ name for them.
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Ladies and Gentlemen, I know it is a few days late, but may I present to you...

Also figured it would be better to push the end date back to the end of April so how bout we run the throwdown till April 30th?

Would also like to thank erain for the picture of the fattie, hope you don't mind me borrowing it but it worked perfectly for the sign.
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Works for me! Now to figure out a plan of attack!PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif
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looks great!
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I would suggest that all entrants post their fattie pics in a new thread for each entry, and post links to those threads here in a new post marked "Fattie Throwdown Entry". Just a suggestion.
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FireItUp that picture is freaking hilarious!

You get points just for that!

I second starting your own thread then linking to it in this thread. Otherwise there'll be a bajillion pictures here and the information super highway as we know it will become overloaded with fatty qviews. And Al Gore would tell you that'll be a bad thing. LOL

Best of luck to everyone.

Now one other thing, and maybe I missed it. But since this is a throwdown, does that mean there will be a "winner"...besides my belly?
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I tried making my first fattie today and have it q-viewed in the fattie section. How would I post a link to it here?
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I suppose we could post the pictures elsewhere and then post a link in this thread that way as Dud e says this post won't be overcrowded with pics.

As for a winner, well, I figured we were all winners for getting to make and eat fatties but we could do a vote on the last day. I'm fair game either way, long as I get to cook, eat and view fatties.

I actually debated whether or not to make up a little award plaque to send to the winner. Might be a nice idea for the future throwdowns.
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When you're looking at the thread with the pictures...copy and paste the url address into a message here. Something like
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Gotcha, Dude. Thanks for the info. I'll post my entry soon as I get her smoked up and sliced.
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This is a great idea....and April 30th sounds good- gives everyone plenty of time. There's gonna be recipes for fatties forever! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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you dont think just a plated picture with a big piece of the fatty in the background with a slice in the foreground wouldnt be better. then supply a link with other pics and how to on the fatty. would think a thread with all the plated pics would be a great masterpiece for the throwdown. we already have the fatty forum if we want to look at individual threads. i would rather look a thread full of plated fatties than go link hopping. just my thoughts.
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mine's going to ahve to wait probably until next weekend, possibly the weekend after. we've been under a winter storm warning all weekend and got some ehavy, wet snow last night - temps are supposed to be barely over 30 today.
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