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Returning a MES

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Has anyone had to return their MES to masterbuilt due to problems? After talking in length yesterday with customer service they recommended that I send the unit back to them to be "tested" due to the heating problems I have been having. They are handling the shipping and will have ups pick the smoker up from my house. My only concern is they will not tell me how long the whole process will take. Anybody have to do this before?
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I did but they sent me a new one first. I wouldn't do without a smoker myself. Sounds like they are having issues. I went through 2 that wouldn't get to temp and I'm on my third. If you just bought it I would suggest to them... send you one that is factory tested and you will then send the defective one back.
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Depending on where you bought it, you may be able to take it back to the retailer for exchange. My first Smoke Vault had a defective burner and the box was out of square. I returned it to Sportsman's Warehouse and picked up a new one on the spot. Maybe worth a try.
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I should have told you I took my first one back to Sams. Only had it for a few days and MB suggested I take it back and get another one. I did... it didn't work correctly either. That's how I ended up with the third one being shipped to me from the factory.
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I am working the SAMS angle now but the problem is that it was purchased at a SAMS 5 hours away and the one thats 30 minutes from me doesn't carry them. I'm trying to work something out with them first. I definitely dont want to go without a smoker since I just spent 300 bucks to get one.
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Tell them to keep their watt burner and build a drum already! icon_cool.gif
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