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I have an apple tree and spent the weekend clearing a bunch of twigs that fell off it. The twigs are about the thickness of my pinky.

My question is can I use twigs in my electric smoker? I have only used commerically sold wood chips in the past.

If so, what should I do to prepare the twigs (besides letting them dry out)? Do I need to shave the bark off?
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I've used twigs of cuttings from my grapefruit tree. No problems in the smoker as long as they are dry. I would leave the bark on
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use em! came from the apple tree, its apple wood!
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I use a fistful of the smaller twigs like chips and/or mix 'em with the
larger chunks for some flavorful combos for smoking or grilling. The
smallest pieces I let dry out for about 3-4 months and use 'em semi-green.
The larger they are the longer the drying time. I use bark and all. Fantastic
for fish and poultry and mixed with maple makes a smooth smoke flavor.
I mix with hickory or mesquite for pork.

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I got a gas powered chipper that I run everthin smaller then 1 1/2 inchs through. But ifin ya ain't got one a them, just chop em up with a hatchet an let em dry good. Great fer them low temp smokes er any other one ta boot.
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