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Wanted to get some beef ribs, but they were sold out at the butcher. Ended up with some babybacks instead. Figured I'd try something different than the 3-2-1 variation. Since I'm usually busy working on something while I'm smokin...I was gonna try to skip the foiling and smoke em straight through.

Rubbed up and off to the smoke

Hour 3 @ 225* smoker temp...mopped every hour w/ apple juice/JD

Hour 4...Sauced w/ Cattleman's Gold (thinkin that would help keep em moist)

Hour 5... Done

Not Bad!! Not too dry and not fallin off the bone

Still lookin forward to some beefies, but these were pretty good
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They look great Gene nice job PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks Jerry....congrats again on the new title....much deserved!!
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Yum, Gene, those look delicious. Nice job!

I agree with you though, pork ribs just don't satisfy the beef rib craving. icon_lol.gif
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Pink to the bone! Pink to the bone deserves points.gif .

They look great.

BBQ Eng.
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WOW! That ring is incredible. Do you think it was the result of the long smoke/no foil or do you always get such a deep ring?
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Nice work. Look super.
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Looking mighty fine from here!
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Real nice Gene. I'm a beef guy too, but I like to skip the 3-2-1 and go all the way without foil with pork when possible. It's usually easy here in Texas when it is hot out, but what was your outdoor temp for this smoke? Was the deep ring from low and slow, or higher temps? I see you got it done in 5 hours. Please -more info! The bark looks great.
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Looks good!
You don't need tin foil for great ribs icon_smile.gif
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Gene, Gene, the rib smoking machine!....VERY NICE!.....Pointsbiggrin.gif

Any Avatar pics with sun?, We are getting tired or snow & rain in WA.

Extra Points next time with SUN photo's!biggrin.gif
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Thanks everyone for the kind words!

Pi in SC & Athabaskar - I think it was a result of the lack of foiling...deepest ring I've had to date. Outside temp was around 40*

Fishawn - I hear ya brother...I'll change my sig pic when I get a chance!! LOL
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Great looking ring Gene. Man, bet they tasted good,,,they look darn good, Nice
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I did a butt yesterday.... smoked for 12 hours.. never opened the smoker... no foil... no mop.... it was juicy and tender and shweeeeet. The first ribs I ever did were smoked for 5 hours without foiling and they were awesome. These look tasteeeeee!
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Nicely done Gene. I did some baby backs this past weekend and was tempted to try without foil but was afraid I would dry them out!
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Nicely done.

I was wondering if foiling was necessary as I usually don't. Was going to try with next batch. Maybe I will do both and see how it works. Points for a great q-view!

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These where pretty meaty, so I think it worked out well.
Thinner ribs just might dry out too much without foiling.

Just a thought.
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Great job Gene.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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nice job Gene!!! its good to try different things and thks for sharing with us!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice looking meal there, Gene. That sauce you used to mop the ribs with looked good too ... biggrin.gif
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