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Slab bacon is done qview

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Started with a 11 1/2 lb. belly, ended up with 8 lbs sliced plus scraps for soup.

Here we go.........

All salted up with Mortons sugar cure. Then in plastic containers and into the fridge.

7 days later and ready for the smoker, much different color due to the cure.

In the smoker

After 8 hours of smoke and an internal temp of 135*. It's getting wrapped in foil then into the fridge over night. Makes slicing a lot easier.

Here's some sliced ready for vacuum packaging

thanks for looking
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Looks great! Thanks for sharing. icon_smile.gif
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Wonderful! Thanks for more and more great ideas!
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Great looking bacon.
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Awesome looking bacon! We don't get pork bellies around here, so I'll just have to keep drooling over everyone else's bacon.
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Looks good! I am going to try that after we butcher next time.
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Excellent.After i do my first C.B. saturday i will give the belly a go next.
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Looks great Smokey, How did it taste?
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Good lookin' bacon! I wouldn't mind trying some, but bellies are 2 1/2 times the price of butts for me. Buckboard bacon is the new standard here.
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That looks great!!
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Looks great Joe! Thanks for the Qvue. wink.gif
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wow! that's looking good! is there anything you'd have done different, hindsight being 20 - 20?
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Yup, looks like bacon to me. Mmmmmmmm bacon. biggrin.gif

Have you tried doing it with cracked pepper? I love that.
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Guvna, been doing the same way forever. I do use some other flavors occasionly like CBP, Maple, Honey and brown sugar.
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What temp do you have your smoker set to? I have an electric smoker, and when I smoked mine, I had it on 185 to bring it to a 140 internal temp. I chose 185 kinda arbitrarily, but they didn't even need 3 hours to smoke.
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I never go over 170° and sometimes finish it in the oven. Internal temp for me is 140°.
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Looks great.
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Dang that's some nice lookin bacon!!!!
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That is very cool indeed. A month ago I get my first smoker and now I have so much to learn and do I may never catch up.
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