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Pork Butt

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Been running at about 220-260 after an initial increase back down to about 230 now. The butts are reading about 150 after three hours does this sound right? I've done a couple but i think this seems a little high and im pretty sure im away from the bone. They are both roughly 6-7 lbs becuase i got a 2 pack from Sam's that was 14.somethin pounds.


Also I took some pictures for Q-view but it wouldnt let me upload them this morning. I think they were too big. I searched quickly but couldn't find a link on pictures does anyone have any stickies on picture posting?
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Each piece of meat is unique. I've had that happen with butts, and also had them take 5 hours to get up to that temp. Sounds like your procedure is good. Enjoy the smoke.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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