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Smoked Pork Loin Part II

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Last weeks loin turned out really well so I wanted to do another 2 this weekend to see what else I could mess with...

I soaked them both in a salt/brown sugar/maple syrup brine for 6 hours.

I then took one and threw some Jamaican Jerk Rub onto it.

Then on the 2nd one I just thew some basic spices on it.

Then finished off by wrapping it in bacon!!!

- I used Maple Syrup and Fresh Ground Pepper to help the bacon be sticky... It was a mess... Next time I'll weave the bacon... I hope this one goes well tomorrow

They are now chilling in the fridge... Will finish up tomorrow after lunch/dinner
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Jamaican jerk rub-dang i have 3 pounds of loin to cure for canadian bacon-good idea.
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Looks like you are off to a great start!
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Yum - jamaican jerk rub .. bet that will smell good as it's smoking away.
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Looks like a great start I'll look forward to the Qview tomorrow
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Hm... Its late and i'm getting excited like a little school girl tomorrow for the smoke...

I bought the whole loin and just had it cut into sections... Should I of trimmed off the bottom part of the loin tonight? Its looks like FAT but I ran across this thread that makes me think other wise...

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Your not making jerky are you? In my opinion the fat will be fine and help keep it moist while smoking.
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Correct, I just saw the word membrane and I was thinking I missed something tonight while prepping the meat.
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Looking forward to the pics. Sounds great.
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I'll be checking back to see how it turns out. Sounds like it will be delicious.
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Well its done and i'm done.... I ate to much and still have alot of left overs... The guys at work will be happy to see me bring in the left overs... Here is the turn out

And they go on the grill...

Here is the Jerk Rub Loin Sliced

And the Bacon

Dinner time

Then this is what came out of the loin once it came off the smoker...

It took roughly 3 hours probably a lil more to get the loins up to 170. I used hardwood lump for the 1st time and didn't do to bad with it... Probably still a lil OVER cooked but they were moist and tender and yummy. I still have 1 loin left in the freezer I will probably do that in a couple weeks and take it to 150.

Over all the Bacon wrapped loin was super, the Jerk rub was awesome (lil dry, but I need to get an injector to get the rub to the center) Over all very happy.
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looks great. good job
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Congrats it looks great nice job!!
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160 works best for loin. Pull at 155 and hold in foil to 160.
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Tasty looking pork loins Nick! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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