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Teriyaki chicken lettuce wraps.

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Here is some qview from an asian style luch last weekend.

I marinated some chicken breast strips overnight in some store bought teriyaki.

chicken just put in the smoker

After about an hour in the smoker. I didn't worry if they weren't quite cooked through cause they were still gonna hit the wok.

Bought some shredded cabbage/carrots, diced some mushrooms and spinach.

Tossed the veggies in the wok and cooked a few minutes. Cut the chicken strips into bite sized pieces and added them. Also added some water chestnuts and slivered almonds.

Served on a crisp leaf of iceberg lettuce. Just roll it up and eat it like a taco. Good stuff!!

Thanks for checking out the pics.
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That looks fantastic and a great idea
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That looks great! Did you use any extra seasoning such as soy sauce or sesame oil? I'm beginning to like wraps, especially after seeing yours.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Looks great! A healthy alternative to flour wraps! points.gif
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Looks good!
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I seasoned the veggies with some garlic salt and a little ground ginger while they were cooking. Then added a little more of the teriyaki (just enough to coat everything) as it finished cooking.
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Yet another item on the lengthening list of things to do, hehehe... Points are in order! Thanks for the qview.

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Those REALLY look good.
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You cook better asian food than I do ... may need to start taking some recipes from ya, Adam!! Nice idea and definitely tasty too!!
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Man did that look good! Being a former vegetarian (10 years) I still love veggies and that looks like one tasty combination.
Oh, please be nice about the vegetarian thing, I was young when I started and had never even had the pleasure of something like a medium-rare steak, let alone smoked, well no smoked anything back then. Can that be considered child abuse?

Thanks so much for the Qview and great recipe wutang, next time the smoker is going I'm throwing on some chicken so I can try this.
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Looks delicious, Adam. That would be a good recipe to use with leftover smoked meat of any kind. icon_smile.gif
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Looks good

So much to eat and so little time. POINTS!
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Nice idea! We are trying to eat a lot lighter around here these days. The lettuce wrap would win me some great brownie points with the GF biggrin.gif
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Thanks for all the comments and points. I was actually trying to replicate an appetizer that I like to order at a chinese place I go to sometimes. It came out great. Definately something I will make again.
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Man those look great. The only place I've ever see lettuce wraps is PF Changs and other than their lettuce wraps I don't really like the place. This is going on the list of "new things to try"

Thanks for the view.
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outstanding, wutang - points!

have you got a recipe for homemade teriyaki sauce? if not, i think i posted one sometime ago here.

always seems to taste better homemade.
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Ha. You busted me. That is where I have had the lettuce wraps. Good stuff.
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