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Spatchcock Chicken

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This smoke restored my confidence in smoking whole chicken. I took two whole chickens and spatchcocked them both. Broke the skin loose from the meat and slid some garlic butter liberally inbetween. I then seasoned the whole chicken with Tones poultry seasoning. Next I took bacon and layed it on top of the chicken like a blanket. I also sprinkled some Tones on the bacon.

Slammed them in my MBG smoker and brought the temp up to 260. Put some apple juice in the water pan and I filled the smoke daddy up with a pellet called Herb Delight. Oak pellets with rosemary, garlic and thyme added to them. I also sprinkled in some applewood chips. This combo is awesome on poultry.

Pulled them out in about 3 and a half hours. Internal reading was 163. Covered them up and let them rest for about 20 minutes.

I really like this method of cooking chicken. These things were just a tad over 4 bucks per chicken. Tender, juicy, and the skin was crunchy. If you haven't tried this method I would definitely recommend it.


Thanks for lookin!
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nice lookin' birds. Big suckers, eh?
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wow does that look good-I do 1/2 chickens on indirect on the grill-bacon next time-thanks.
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Looks great, Dave! Sounds like a good combination.
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I've never heard the term "spatchcock" before but am glad you showed some pics! Definitely looks like it was a fine meal with the tender meat ya got out of it!
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It's just a matter of cutting the backbone out of the chicken and laying it down flat. It is really easy to work with and I think it is a great way to smoke a chicken.
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Excellent job! Looks like the bacon kept it nice and juicy.
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looks very tasty!!! seen raichlen do this and seems like a good way to do it and really cut down cooking time. nice lookin chix there. wish i was there eatin soma that!!!
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Those look fantastic nice wood combo too PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Those look wonderful

spatchcocked chickens are my favorite way to do them; in the oven, gril or smoker.
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That chicken looks great Pignit!
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