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Finally back on line

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Hey all,
It's been since August since I was on the SMF website, finally settled in the new home and am back on-line Looks like I have a bunch of catch-up reading to do. Finally got the well guy to come back and finish his job, and got moved in in October. Has been a year since I moved out to Montana, and the work is never ending, As soon as the frost gets out of the ground, I should be ready to start fencing, so I can put a couple of cows in here. I was going to landscape around my place but I think I will hire someone to do it for me, which will free up more time, to get the rest of the russian olives cut and sprayed, then I can start planting some real trees. I am almost done wiring and insulating the pole barn, which I have been working off and on on all winter when it wasn't too cold.

I just went to mom's and got my smoker out of storage, after a little clean up, I should be ready to smoke some beef short ribs, everytime I open my freezer, there they are staring at me.biggrin.gif

Can't wait to get the smoker going and make some good food!!!
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HEY! Welcome back!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Glad you're back.
Shame you live so far from me, otherwise I would offer to help with some landscaping, and even some smoking.
Get that smoker going as soon as you get a chance. Hope you don't wake up at night with the shakes due to lack of smoked food. I'm hooked so I have to keep a steady supply in me.
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Wow, sounds like you've been incredibly busy. Welcome Back!
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Welcome back glad ya found some time
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It's good to see you could make it back. Keep us posted on your move and your smoking.
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Thanks everybody,

Fire it up
Before I left Minnesota and Moved to Montana, I smoked as much stuff as I could, venison bacon, some fish, a couple of turkeys, some jerky, snack sticks, and summer sausage, I am almost out of everything but a couple packages of venison bacon and some jerky..

I have been craving a Fatty tho...
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