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Beef Bacon, is it any good?

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Local store has beef bacon for a dollar and some change with managers discount. I have never had beef bacon, have had regular (of course) and turkey and even veggie bacon, but not beef. How would you say it compares to you're normal store bought bacon?
Not sure but I think it is hickory smoked, just an f.y.i
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It is not an acceptable replacement for pork bacon by any means.
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Ok, good enough.
Any good uses at all? It was cheap so I kind of figured it wasn't very special but you never know. Maybe a smoked fattie for someone from a faith who doesn't enjoy pork? I know there are a few...
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I agree w/ fired up that it's no substitute for pork, but I think it's pretty good stuff. You just have to know going in what you've got.

I used to be a property manager and we had a kosher deli as one of my tenants. We used to get lunch there weekly and I loved their beef bacon... I was in a "no pork" stage in my life, so eating at a kosher restaurant was ideal. It was a dark phase and I'm glad to say that I've pulled through!

This stuff makes great BLTs, is a really good breakfast meat alternative as well.
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For a buck and change, I'd buy some just to try that price, it is disposable if you don't like it. I blow more than that on a bottle of water, so it seems like a good chance to roll the dice and try something new.

Let us know if you grab some to try, because I have never heard of it, but would like try.

BBQ Eng.
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i have never q'd with it because it is usually more expensive here than regular bacon. we use to eat it all the time as kids and i still remember the flavor. not pork but still good
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Imagine a pastrami with no CBP or coriander , or a corned beef with no pickling spices, that what beef bacon is. slice it thin and fry it up. Like mentioned above it's not a substitute for pig bacon but its ok for a change of pace.
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give it a try - report on results!
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I TQd a chuckie for 4 days one time and smoked it. It was tasteeeeee. Very different. I liked it. I can imagine the beef bacon would taste something like that...
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