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Chicken Thighs

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I was going to put some thighs on the MES this weekend,but I need to know for how long.I was guessing about 4-5 hours at 250.I would put a probe in them but they are small thighs so I dont think I would get an accurate reading.Thanks for the help.
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Chicken is better smoked at a higher temperature.. try 315 to 325...
Thighs will not take long at all, maybe an hour.
For added flavor, you could try using a brine..adds moisture too.
Good luck!
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I would suggest maxing the MES out, mine goes to 275* & I thought I heard the new ones go even higher?......But poultry does not benefit from "low and slow" IMO....I lather a little oil on them then use a good rub on the thighs & hit it with some Hickory. Takes me typically about 2-2.5 hours for about 10 thighs or so of average size. They go really fast at our house!
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I did a dozen of them this weekend. Ran them for about an hour at 275 with a mix of mesquite and hickory wood. Then becasue I was smoking on a weber kettle I was able to move them over to the heat source to for a couple of minutes to crisp the skins a "pound" one last heat at them.

Good luck and let us all know how they turned out...with pictures of course.
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4-5 hours would be way too long for only thighs.
I do agree with cowgirl, you should brine the meat. Even if you over do them they will keep moist, well more so than unbrined. I always brine any bird or parts I cook, smoked or not.
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I hate to be the odd ball here but I disagree with smoking chicken at a higher temp. I typically run leg quarters at around 225-ish for 5 hours. Keep in mind that for the last little while I put them skin side down at a higher heat zone (maybe 300 or 325). It always comes out fall-off-the-bone tender. I don't bother with a brine because it's hard to duplicate conditions on a consistent basis when it comes to brining (at least for me).

Since you're only doing small thighs, I'd estimate 3.5 hours or so at 225 to 250. This is only an estimate and should be checked with a therm. I'd let the thighs cruise at 225 for at least 2 hours then check the temp. Once it gets within about 10 degrees, flip 'em over and feed them more heat to brown up the skin and finish cooking. It'll be damned tender.

Either way, don't forget the QVIEW!,

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You can therma pen probe on bone side-right near the bone- at thickest part of meat.That way you dont puncture skin and let as much juice out.I grill-smoke 300-350.
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