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Kitchen Upgrade

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We moved to a new house on March 1st. Finally have some room to cook with now.

Here are a couple pics of the old kitchen. As you can see, not much room.

And here is a shot of the new place, I love the island.

Another shot that shows the large pantry cabinets on the left.

We love our new house.

Thanks for looking.
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Congrats on the new house and added space. Looks like a very nice house.

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Congrats on the new house! I want your kitchen! Mine is small, dark and has no counter space to speak of.
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That is a huge upgrade...Congrats!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice!! Thats some serious remodling..and Definitely a more workable space! hope you're happy with it.
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Very, very nice. I just bought a new house in December. Congrats!!
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very nice upgrade, and it sure is a good time to be buying!
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nice pull! that's a palace compared to what i'm working with...
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Love the new place. I'm sure that lots of good eats will come outta' there!


BBQ Eng.
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Very nice! So have you laid out the island for the grinder, stuffer and slicer yet?
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Congrats on the new house and the kitchen upgrade
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