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Smokes On!

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Hi guys,

Been a lil while since I've had time to smoke much less post but this weekend, it's on. I have 2 full racks of spares that I didn't fully cut into St. Louy's but I did remove the flap and the sternum bone. I saved the flap meat and trimmed the meat off the sternum and saved it for when I make jambalaya. I also got a huge fattie going stuffed with peppers, onions, smoked chedder cheese, and spices......and I got a small hunk of pork loin going. I'll have pics this evening.........happy smoking!

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Nick, good to see you back. So many of the regulars arent here any more.
Good luck on the ribs.
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welcome back Nick,good luck with all that grub.
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Good to see you back around! Sounds like you got a feast going.
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Sounds good Nick don't forget some Qview and its good to see ya again
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Sounds good, Nick. Looking forward to your Qview.
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Here's some Q-vue for ya's.
Everything came out good......real tender ribs! Tasty fattie. I'm gonna bring the pork roast to work tomorrow for the guys.
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Great looking smoke. Yum.
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Everything looks great, Nick. Welcome back. icon_smile.gif
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Welcome back. Looking forward to chatting with you.
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Thanks for sahring s good smoke, and some great looking Q. Nick, glad to see you're on the raod to smokesville.
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