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Smoked Chicken with Q-View

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Decided to smoke some chicken today. Used the Jack Miller's Cajun Basting/BBQ Sauce. Great stuff on chicken.

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Hey looks good! I never thought about using an Orange, I'm always hunting a potatoe for that job :)

That Chicken looks like shoud be tasty.
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Hey Cajun, the chicken looks pretty darn good. I have a couple of questions though. 1) What's the foil for and 2) How's that JM stuff taste? Spicy? Sweet? etc...

Thanks for the QVIEW,

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That is some fine lookin bird. I'm not sure what the probe in the orange is. I have never used a thermometer. Why not stick it in the chicken? Thanks for the view!
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That's some sweet lookin' bird ya got there. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif What kind of smoke did you throw at it?

BBQ Eng.
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Good looking chicken there! Never heard of Jack Miller's...any good? We used to do a rub/sauce exchange here before the crash and have sent and received some pretty fine stuff. Interested in some of our finest local sauce? (St. Louis/Kansas City/Branson etcetera)
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I'am New To This What Is The Orange For
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Thanks everyone. Foil was there, because I don't have a baffle. Breasts were getting a little dark at the end. The orange is used to hold the temp proble so I can know what temp I am smoking at. Had another probe that I was using to check chicken temps. The sauce is not spicy, but very greasy. It tastes great though and keeps the chicken basted. Sounds good rivet. I can hook you up with some good sauces and spices. I smoked it with Pecan...
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Holds the probe so you can keep an eye at temp at grate level. Most use a potato and just have the probe stick out about an inch, the last part of the probe is where the sensor is.
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That there is some finger lickin chicken!
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Good looking chicken you have there. biggrin.gif Nice job.
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