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Lilac & Honeysuckle?

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Have seen a few posts on here for using Lilac for smoking. I have a good batch of that around my farm, but curious about the use of Honeysuckle. Can it be used? Has anyone used it? Or is it deadly poisonous? I have TONS of it. And its going to be removed eventually so if it could be used for smoking, would like to try it.
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If you try lilac let me know-or post.I trim alot of these.I am partial to honeysuckle as i have a few bee hives at garden.
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Never thought of that.... Have both here at home and since I'm doing a cleanout burn today for my new mods, I'll throw some on and see what they smell like. If there's anything good, I'll re-post.
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Hey Rivet, for sure keep me posted on that.
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One of the fellow OTBS members, Travcoman45, uses Lilac wood in their smokes. You may want to send a PM his way to ask him about it.

Not sure about honeysuckle ... icon_question.gif
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Ok, isn't he the one with the viking avatar? I think he is a fellow Minnesotan. I will get with him. Thanks.
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Good deal MeatHunter. Let me know what Travcoman said. I got a good burn going right now, just hit 300F and the oils are just starting to heat up and burn off. Threw on a stick of oak and I'll let it and the rest of the smells burn off for a couple hours before I try the honeysuckle / lilac. Trying to get it as hot as I can. Be later today when I'll post feedback.
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lilac is supposed to be great for seafood and lamb, if i remember correctly.
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I ain't never used honeysuckle, but use some lilac. Lilac is a very light smoke, works very well on fish, I don't do lamb, but sure wouldn't hurt ta try it.

Bein so light, it will get lost on sumtin like a pork butt er beef. I talked with an old black feller last year, only thin he uses on his smoked fish, folks in that town thin a him as a master in the pit.

Like anythin elese, all ya can do is try it an see ifin ya like it! Good luck!
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Thanks Trav. Will definitely try it. Where about in Northern Iowa are you at? Im just a few miles Northwest of Decorah and due North of Cresco.
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Mason City, south a Albert Lea, bout 45 miles. Come through yer neck a the woods couple times a year. Go ta Shakopee fer the renisance an such each year. Also go ta Lanesboro each fall ifin time permits.
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Burned a bit of honeysuckle yesterday. Got a vague smell of something good, but real light. Nothing like the rich flower scent, maybe I was expecting too much. Good for fish maybe. Didn't get a chance to burn lilac. I dunno, I'll stick with the grape vines.
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Hi -


I'm new to the forum.  This thread I'm replying to is 2+ years old, so I was wondering if any more information is available about smoking with honeysuckle?  Did some searches but didnt find much.




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