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Smoke Hollow vs GOSM on temp control

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ok so I have narrowed my search for a propane smoker to these two. they seem comparable in how they are built. My research on here seems to indicate that the Smoke Hollow has a harder time with running cooler. maybe a lack of vents. dunno.. For those of you that own these smokers, which one's are easier to keep cool, or are easier to modify to run cool? do the GOSM have vents at the bottom? I want to be able to run at 160 for certain types of sausage I like to make, but still want to run the hotter temps for big meats. biggrin.gif I am looking at the bigger box versions. 34 to 38 high and 24 wide.
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The 24" (BB) is no longer available (to my knowledge). The 20" is still out there, and it has bottom vents. The smallest one (I have it) does not. There are differing temperature lows reported from many users in the past...mine can run as low as 110* above ambient temp (no gas valve mod). Some guys say they can't get under 190-210*, while mine will run at 140 if it's around freezing temp outdoors.

There are variations even with the same model...causes unkown to me. With mods, you should be able to get as low as 150, maybe less. A model with lower and upper vent controls should give even better high-end to low-end temp control.

The Smoke Hollows are kind of a spin off of the GOSM, pretty much the same rig with different looks. The burner, thermometer and a couple other items are different.

Good luck on the new smoker!!! It's an investment you will grow to love!

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They have a 24 at the local sporting good store. maybe I should go snag it icon_cool.gif . 110 over ambient will work during the winter. I read a post on a store website that he put a piece of 1/8" metal screen over the burner and that dissapated the heat, but I didn't find anyone here using that method. Anyone have any other mods or idea's to reduce heat?
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On a GOSM gasser, try using the control between off and high, it will give you a smaller flame than when it's set to low. This is my experience on the Big Block.
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That's not a bad idea! I just gutted the valve assemblies on my old rusty Brinkmann grill tonight and found out what really made it tick. The poor thing was full of white scale and couldn't let the gas through...gas orifice on one valve was plugged off solid. A few minutes of cleaning, and I have a flame again!

Anyway, the plug type valve has a full bore hole for the high setting, then, a very small port for the medium, with the medium and low ports being fed on medium, via a groove. On the low setting, only one of the small ports being fed the gas. Well, kinda hard to explain...hope I didn't confuse anyone. If anyone would like to see it, I'll pull it apart again and get pics. I gotta get some of that sticky grease to lubricate the valve cylinders/plugs, before I use the grill, so it's coming apart again anyway.

Setting the valve inbetween off/high is probably pretty touchy, but I can definately see how it would work.

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I wouldn't hesitate, knowing how much I like my 'lil bugger! A Big Block would be a snap to do large quantities.

When I bought my GOSM, it was my first smoker, and if I had known then what I know now, I would of got a big one!

Grab that bad boy and give it a home!

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My small GOSM has great temp control- from 140 to 375 without mods.
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Looks like I need to pack the family up and go on a buy a smoker road trip.. If that fatty GOSM is there I need to buy it. I appreciate the info.
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