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Rib End Roast

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I'm thinking about smoking a bone in rib end roast. Any suggestions???
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Man, that's an open Question! Can you be more specific?
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How big? what kind of rub? what kind of wood? what kind of smoker? Etc...
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Stop on over at Roll Call & introduce yourself. Type of smoker, how long you've been smoking, ect.
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I'm using a charbroil smoker with offset firebox. The roast is around 8 lbs. Wasn't planning on using a rub, just injecting and spraying. Maybe a rub towards the end of the process. I guess my questions are:

1. How long and at what temp?
2. If using a rub, would garlic and oil be feasible?
3. Any suggestions as to what to inject with would also be appreciated.

Thanks for the responses so far...gator
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1. I'd go 225* until it reaches desired doneness (use a meat thermo)
2. I'd rub it with a mix of CBP, kosher salt, & garlic powder.
3. I'd hold off on the injection.
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I would not inject ether. I use my own rub so the rub would be your preference. If you hold off on the rub It won't have as long to penetrate. the inner temp would be your desired doneness. opps!!! LOL
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Sounds like fun though!
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Tank and Nomore, thanks for the replies. I'm planning on doing it tomorrow. I'll show pics of the result (good or bad-I'm learning here!)

And again, my naivete shows, what is CBP (crushed black pepper?)
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CBP - cracked black pepper
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