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Toledo area members...........;}-

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Was wondering if any of the Toledo area folks would care to make face to face meetings? I am in Gibsonburg(off I-20 by Woodville), and love to discuss "queing" and sharing ideas.
Would like to set up a meeting place that is convenient to all in the area.A restaurant or cafe somewhere in the area,or a weekend gathering at someone's place. I would be willing to have it here at G'burg.
Just internet meetings/blogs/forums are not really my idea of BBQ friends...don't get me wrong, everyone on this forum is a friend(or we wouldn't be here), but actually meeting someone usually turns out to be a great asset to the intrest involved.Besides I am originally from Texas and not having bunch of friends makes things dullPDT_Armataz_01_20.gif .
I have not yet competed in any cook-offs, but am VERY interested in joining or creating a team.So, I'm thinking if a group of us get together,we might consider forming one.
I am a die hard stickburner, but have an open mind for anything.wink.gif
I am always looking to improve and experiment in anyway I can.
If interested, E-mail or IM me.Also look at my Stats for my landline.
Thanks and hope we can make contact.PDT_Armataz_01_39.gif
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I'm saddened at the response on this thread. It's not as if I am a BAD GUY, or PERVERT, I just need comradery. The wife is fed-up with all my talk of BBQ , and says she's not into eating it as often as I would like to make it!-> her idea is to BBQ once a week or LESSicon_mad.gif
Being a native of Texas and married to a native Ohioan,makes for strange eating habits or something!!! We end up at FASTFOOD joints WAY too often...

I explain to her that with the cost of our meals we could get a Chicken or some Burger and in an hour or so have a meal fit for anyone. At an average of $8.50/meal for the both of us, we could eat well and probably have leftovers and save even MORE!PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif
Back to the orig. post. Is it me or is everyone got the idea that WEB TRASH will get ya?
I may have over done the FRIENDLY TEXAN thingy, but that's how I fly,and how I was raised. Had scads of friends(buddies)in Temple, but in the 17 yrs. we've been here in Ohio,very few,and they are husbands of Trish's Co-workers.(sadness overcomes me).
I know what it was, I posted my pic under "Scalped" the other day
and scared everyone away. Actually I'm a Fun Guy(not FUNGI-although I do feel like a mushroom).LOL
So, again, will anyone be a friend and talk BBQ to me? I'm depressed and starting to take way too much PROZAC---HELP!
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Hey Man,
Toledo is to far of a drive for me. I hope you have some luck. I have been hoping to find someone else from Knoxville! I am from El Paso TX. I was surrounded by friends back home. Out here people Just dont seem to hang out like that. good luck!
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Hello Vtanker........:)-

Yeah. found out if ya want good friends ya gotta be raised around them. It's a whole different world outside of Texas, but as for getting back there;I'm S.O.L. The wife and family got me tied down here and I can't do as I did as a youngster and leave again. I'm on wife #5 and she's a keeper,so.....rolleyes.gif .
But still, If'n ya get up to Ohio(by Toledo) give me a shot and we'll smoke something.
Can't seem to get the chef frame of mind to quit, I love to Host a feed. Especially if it's good ole "Que".
Have fun there tanker, and HAPPY SMOKES!
Stan aka Old School BBQ :)-
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I was raised really close to where you're at, Elmore. My dad still lives there, I have since moved back home to KC, Missouri. I've been trying to get him to join this forum. But, he's an IT pro and claims to be a member of way too many forums as it is. He's the one that kinda got me started in BBQ when I was a kid. Seems he just stopped one day, not too many folks up there in the Northern part of Ohio even know what real BBQ is. I was talkin' to an old friend of mine and he didn't even know what a brisket was!!eek.gif

(By the way he lives in Gibsonburg, maybe you can teach him a thing or two about QuePDT_Armataz_01_39.gif)

Anyhoo, good luck getting something together! I believe in a place where the Ice Cream vendors like TCBY close for the season, it may a little too early in the year to be rousing up those sleepy, hybernatin', BBQn', Ohioens!
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