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Yes, they are awesome!! I ♥ my weber kettle!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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The Weber kettle is the best charcoal grill ever. The question is the performer with a gas assist to light the charcoal? Looks like a nice set up and as long as I don't have to cook with the gas that would be cool. Also it can act as a food warmer when entertaining. Just thought of that as that is what I am considering to add to me armory.

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You cannot go wrong with a kettle,I remeber my grampa cooking on one when I was just a little tike,I know a lot of people with them and they love them!I got my first one about 4 years ago,holding up great.
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i just looked at the date of the original post..should have been long enough to decide, so the question is, where is the qview?
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LOL, old thread! I love my weber kettle as well. 22.5 inches of beautiful american made grate. Enamel coating, no tool assembly, pure bliss
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I have two kettles and love them both. When I am not using my UDS the kettles are always my choice. I also have a Weber gasser and hardly use it anymore.

Take care, John
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LOL this thread just keeps going, and going, and going... Regular energizer bunny. Kettle gunna get a turkey workout on Thanksgiving.. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Nive avatar Bandcollector. My buddy has the print. I will be looking for those bands tomorrow. still a few neckers hanging around from a study that finished last year.
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its is a nice product but alittle small
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If you want to grill get a grill but if you want to smoke, get a smoker.
A Weber kettle is not a smoker but it's a fine grill for the money but don't expect it to last forever because it won't.
You can try to force it into the smoker role but it will be largely an exercise in frustration.
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