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Injecting Pork

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I am going to buy an injecting utensil (needle/what ever you may call it). And would love to hear some types of pork I should be experimenting on. Also what should I put in the mix? Please point me in the right direction.

PS My Barrel is almost complete!!! I cant wait till the weather gets a bit nicer so I can finish working on it!!!
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Give these a try. I have used most all of them with excellent results. I have injected pork loins, ham, butts and also beef brisket as well as chicken, turkey and steaks. You can't go wrong injecting meat!
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Thanks, Sounds great!
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Butts are all that i inject, i like to use pineapple juice and worchy sauce.
you can also inject with what ever trips you trigger, i also like peach juice, or mararitas or mango. try to use 100% not from consentrate juices.
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My next butt will have a mix of mango, pineapple and worchy. Maybe some garlic juice as well if I can find some. Thanks!!!biggrin.gif
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I too inject alot.I would watch amount of salt in injections-- if you use salt in your injections, as you can always add more after cooked.I have found if i use same injections on butts as a pork loin ,the loin meat can get a little overwhelmed.Pineapple juice is wonderful.
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Thanks for the tip, low to no salt, got it!wink.gif
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