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Pulled Pork QVIEW

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Made 2 10 pounders for a bar restaurant I frequent.
I smoked them for 6 hours then into the oven at 250* to cook to 200* internal. Covered and rested for a couple hours more then pulled. Rubbed them down and put them in pans. I want to save the grease to add some back in later.

Thanks for looking
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Smokey , that is some great lookin pulled pork , thanks for makin me drool wink.gif
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Great pics Smokey, very nicely done!! Bet that was some dang good eatsPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Congrats on a great smoke, and thanks for sharing the Q View. I'm sure it was enjoyed by all.
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Thats a beautiful bark and all around pulled pork.
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Great job! Nice bark on them. biggrin.gif
post #8 of 14 I am hungry!
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Excellent job! I don't save the grease. Pour all the juice into a glass container, put in the fridge until the grease on top sets up then discard the grease. You will be left with just awesome juice.
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Ditto, great job.
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The Juice

Thanks for that bit of info and I'll be doing that next time..
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Sorry if this is a stoopid question... why the two stage cooking? I'm curious why it was in the smoker for 6 hours, then an oven to bring it to 200 internal? Would cooking in the smoker the whole time be a bad thing?
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The reasons(2) I finish them inside is:
1. As I understand it the smoking of the meat is complete at 140* internal so why waste more charcoal to finish it.
2. My oven has a temp probe so I set it up to shut the oven down when the butt reaches 200*. Then I can get a full nights sleep and pull it in the morning.

As the weather warms here I will go back to finishing them right in the smoker.
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Actually the smoking of the meat is not necessarily done at 140* the smoke ring stops forming but the meat will continue to take in smoke flavor. I sometimes finish in the oven for a number of reasons but I put it in the oven after I foil which is by internal temp and not time it. Check out this thread about the smoke ring formation
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