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Thanks Brian/Jeff for the chat icon, I went in to interact but there was nobody there. I did test the functionality of some of the options, and they worked well. Once again, thanks for all your work.
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Add my thanks also. I jumped in there this morning just to check. Everything seems to work as usual.
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thks for adding the icon on the ring menu. nice to have handy again!!! thks all
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if anyone wants to chat, it gets more active as the night goes on. Prime time is 8pm to 1 am. usually good people and good conversation but there are times when it's dead, but thats rare.
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I am unable to log in for some reason.PDT_Armataz_01_20.gif
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I can't get on either.
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I just got in to see if if all was working, I had no problem, if it does persist sent a pm to Brian.
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