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2nd Attempt Chuckie

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Here was my 2nd attempt. 1st time had a great flavor although not as tender as I wanted.
Tried again and its was awesome. I will definitely do more in the near future.
Here are some Q-view while smoking.

Rubbed down with Jeff's rub (no other way!!!)

On smoker and ready to go!

Ole' Brinkmann doing it job.

Added some potatoes (first time trying that) and looking good.

Getting ready to pull off and foil (160*).

Getting foiled and placed back on the smoker and going to run to 205*

Here is chuckie after a rest in the cooler... almost there!!

Here it is... pulled (some sliced) and awesome. had a great flavor and tender.
2nd time was a charm!!
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man that looks like you nailed it this time !!!!congrats
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Looks great, man...well done. As long as you take them to 205 or 210, chuckies will work like that every time.
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Nice job! You got it right this time. biggrin.gif
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Very nice job I'm sure it's yummy.
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You definitely got it this time! I had to give you points for that.points.gif
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I love chuckies...Mrs. Engineer and I almost drown when I do a cryovac brisket, but I love beef. Chuckies are the right size for us to eat.

Points for a great Qview and your perserverance! points.gif

BBQ Eng.
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Very nice !!!! Took me two tries as well to get a good tender juicy chuckie . MMMMMmmm Beef biggrin.gif
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On The Money!
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right on, dude
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The rest will be even better now. Good job.
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That looks great. Well done!!!!
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looks good !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Way ta go..nicely done!!!points.gif
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Nice looking Chuckie. Good job
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Great looking meat!
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Question. Do you have the ECB? If so, how do you know what the exact temp is? My ECB only has the "warm", "ideal" and "hot". Did you get a thermometer to put inside the smoker?

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