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My Uncle

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My uncle Dave will be on site soon. He is looking at the electric smoker at SAM's and told him you guys would take care of him. So be nice to him and me too if you would.

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Oh but of course we will!!!

: )
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"Dave's not Here."
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Good memory on Cheech and Chong.
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Pete, he'll get the warm welcome here at SMF.
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O K petesque uncle dave is here,be gentle with me.
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Hello Dave, and welcome to the SMF. Please give a little introduction about your smokes, experiences, and what you goals are. We are here to enjoy good things like smoking in the great outdoors, and this is including helping folks out.
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ok,petesque uncle dave is here.
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am a newby,use my weber a lot,but would like to learn to do some que
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well u have come to the right place...this place is a wealth of knowledge
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You Remember That From Cheech And Chong??? I Guess I Was Having More Fun Back Then Than You Were. Lmao!
Those Times Were Good. We All Have To Grow Uo Though!
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Vtanker as for growing up I am still looking for the proper time to accomplish that.

My Uncle here is looking at the MES 40 at SAMS. Like what you guys like or don't like etc.. Also some education on tricks of the trade so to speak.

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Welcome, Dave! You are among friends.
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Welcome to SMF Unc!! We will take care of you! Hee...heee..heeee. I hope you have a good time here. Lots of good people and info here.
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Welcome Uncle Dave from Pittsburgh, PA
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Welcome aboard Uncle Dave!!
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Welcome Uncle Dave! No tricks here just smoke and mirrors :)

Look forward to seeing you around the board.
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