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Pork butt temp question

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I just posted a question in the beef section and I have the same question about a pork butt. What happens if you pull it off before the recomended temp, like about 175-180.
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If you pull it sooner than that, you won't be able to pull it for pulled pork sammies. Instead, you'll want to slice the meat and even then, it may be tad dry.
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What Laurel said. Take it to somewhere around 200 and it should just fall apart for you. Don't forget to rest it in the cooler for awhile before you pull it. Good luck.

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safe to eat at 145

pork is safe at 145 according to the dept of health
temps above the safe temp change the texture
165 -175 slice
175 - 190 chop\pull mostly chop
190+ pull
most of the bbq ive eaten in my life has been chopped 175 ish degrees just depends on how you like it
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no pulling for U
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You slice it.Very good.I buy butt all the time at 99 cent a pound,and if not making sausage,i cut into inch thick steaks,rub, sear one minute a side and into 350 oven for 5 minutes a side.This will be the porkiest steak you have had for awhile.Cheap,Quick,Good.
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Good Info here!
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Thanks for all the help. I took it out at about 185 and it turned out great. This was my first one and will be this often. Sorry no q. Try to next time.
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